7 Last Minute Marketing Tips For The Holiday Season

December 6, 2016 Marketing

We’ve just been through the blitz of Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Doesn’t it seem, though, that these two “days” have become just one long week of discounts?

It’s a big time for many businesses. It’s a time when many businesses release new products or when they sell more products than at any point during the year. I know a number of companies that sell more during this week or so than they do the entire rest of the year.

It’s crazy.

But let’s not back off on things as we get closer to the Christmas holiday. There are still opportunities for getting some sales in December.

1. Early New Year Offer

There are a few vendors I work with in the B2B world that work month-to-month with their booking. But about this time of year a few of them reach out to offer a slight discount, maybe 10%, if I pay for the entire year right now.

I think it’s a good win-win for both parties. They get all the money up front and only miss out on 10%. And they kind of protect themselves against a client paying month-to-month and leaving before the year is up.

And the customer gets to save some money and forget about the payment each month.

2. Early Look New Products

Do you have some new products coming out in the New Year that really are ready for release? Maybe there wasn’t enough time to get them all set for the big shopping season, but now they’re pretty much ready.

You could offer them to all that are interested, but a cool thing to do would be to offer them to your biggest fans. Maybe you release it to the public in January, but in December you can offer early access to those willing to signup for it.

I could see musicians doing this with new music. They offer it early to members of their fan clubs.

3. Clearance & Close-outs

I won’t say that everybody has gotten the big items on their shopping lists by this point. Many have, but many still have to get the main shopping done for the year.

But since most people have gotten the main things on their list they’re now likely still in the mood for some shopping and maybe now is a chance to offer them a really good deal on some clearance items.

You can send emails featuring the items you’re looking to liquidate. Maybe you’re moving on from them and are offering a really great price. They might not be your best products (they are clearance for a reason), but now is still a great time to catch people when they’re in the shopping mood.

4. Shopping Guides

The products you offer are the big value you offer your customers, but you can still help them and offer value in other ways. One great way that many businesses offer this time of year is to create shopping guides or to provide tips on gifts to buy.

You could create the usual guides like shopping for him or her. Shopping for mom and dad or son and daughter. The usual.

But maybe get a little more creative and create something like Last Minute Gift Ideas for Extended Family & Friends. Think a little outside the box about guides for those people that you need to buy gifts for, but that you don’t really think about until the last minute. Co-workers? Neighbors? Bosses? Those kinds of people.

5. Seasonal Items

The New Year is a big time for seasonal things. Right now people are just starting to think about the big weight loss and fitness season that’s coming up in January. Just about everybody makes a resolution to lose weight. They don’t really think about it during the busy holiday season, but the thought begins to creep in.

Think ahead a little bit to the seasonal things that are coming up like fitness, cold weather, Valentine’s Day and things that are coming up in your industry in January and February. Get a jump on things in December.

6. Office Essentials (Write-Offs)

Many businesses are capping off good years. Even in down years there are companies that are having things going pretty good. In that case, those companies might be looking for write-offs. A good year is a good time to make purchases that are needed, but that are more fixed.

It could be things like office essentials like computers, desks, etc.

It could also be new software upgrades or even new websites and things like that. Even if it’s a project, a business might be interested in starting now (and paying now) so they can write-off the cost now because they’re never sure how the next year will go.

It’s an emotion that you can capitalize in on if you reach out to some clients and ask if they want to make some fixed purchases in December.

7. Gifts For Yourself

Finally, why not send out a few emails or marketing notices that kind of highlight the idea of giving a gift to oneself. I’m sure that people do this anyway. I’m trying to think if I’ve done it…I think I have.

Usually we’ll start out by buying gifts for others, but once that’s done we also like to think about ourselves. Maybe you go back to a previous idea on this list and create a guide like Gift Buying Guide for Yourself.

It could be kind of fun. it’s different. It’s something that should stand out and it’s a way to get people interested in buying a little more before the holidays.


December is a bit of a downturn in sales after the big holiday shopping rush, but there are still some sales to be had for businesses. Hopefully one or two of the ideas above are things you can incorporate yet this year or maybe they’ll spark some other ideas. Whatever the case, don’t rest on what’s already happened. Get out there and get some last minute holiday sales.