A Great Tactic For Boosting LinkedIn Engagement

February 5, 2019 Social Media News

Are you trying to get more engagement from LinkedIn?

If you have been trying, then you’ve probably seen that LinkedIn has been proving to be a budding social network.

Yes, it’s been around for more than a decade. But in the last few years things have improved. There is valuable engagement on the platform. You can network, meet new people and find opportunity.

Maybe you’ve been using LinkedIn. Connecting with people you know. But maybe you’re still looking for a way to boost engagement.

Here is a tactic that works well.

Comment On Low-Engagement Posts

This tactic is not about shortcuts. You will see returns fairly fast, but this is meant to be something that you do for the long-term. That’s where I’ve seen the value.

The tactic is to engage with LinkedIn posts that have little to no engagement.

As a guideline, look for posts with 10 or fewer likes and 2 or fewer comments.

And I’m not talking about just saying, “Nice post” and things like that. You want to look to add real value.

Ask questions about what was posted. Leave a nice comment that mentions something specific that you liked.

It means actually consuming the content and then taking a little extra time to add value to the creator’s life and to the conversation happening on LinkedIn.

That’s really it. Again, it’s not a shortcut tactic. It’s about engaging with real people and their content.

But the trick is to do it with the content that isn’t getting noticed. That’s the advantage on LinkedIn right now compared to other networks like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Those networks are flooded with popular content. People engage all the time.

On LinkedIn, there is an engagement vacuum. Some people, especially famous business people, have lots of comments, likes and other engagement.

But you can find plenty of people, no matter the job title, that are posting and looking for engagement that aren’t getting it.

Final Thought

You don’t necessarily need to make a ton of new connections for this to work. Make connections in an organic way. You can follow hashtags. That’s something LinkedIn has been pushing more and I really like it. It’s a great way to discover new content. New content that you can engage with.

Follow this tactic and you should start seeing more engagement with your own content and also more connection requests and even things like job and business opportunities.