A Seasonal Social Media Image Strategy From Etsy

November 17, 2015 Social Media Images Analysis

Today we’re looking at one of my favorite companies: Etsy.

I think I was slow to the Etsy bandwagon, but now I’m on it fully.

I use Etsy not all the time, but fairly regularly to buy a couple things for myself and I love using it to buy gifts for others. It might be a birthday gift for my wife or Christmas presents for family and friends.

There are just some really cool things that people make on an independent level and that is really cool and different when so much of what we are able to buy today is mass produced.

So we’re going to look at what Etsy is doing with their social media images. You would expect some creativity from such a creative brand.

Etsy: Twitter

Etsy Twitter

We’ll start with Twitter, which I realize is usually the one I start with. No reason there in terms of these posts, but more of me just using Twitter more than any other social network.

Etsy has a pretty cool image here on Twitter and also on their homepage. It’s the same image and I’m sure they’re using it in a couple different places.

The image is already in the holiday spirit getting ready for Christmas. That’s obviously a big time for Etsy with people buying gifts for each other (and for themselves).

I think it’s kind of a whimsical image, which seems to fit the style that Etsy is going for. I like it and it’s always good to look at your brand and any style guide when making social media images.

Etsy: Facebook

Etsy Facebook

In my opinion, Facebook is not a pretty website. So brands need to work really hard to make their pages pretty and appealing especially creative brands like Etsy.

They use the same holiday image that they use on their website and on Twitter. It’s a great image so I can see why they would want to reuse it.

I didn’t mention earlier, but I really like the colors in the image. They are vivid and really shout, “Christmas!” when you first look at it. And it makes you want to grab a cup of cocoa and sit down in the setting and enjoy life.

That’s a powerful image when it can make you feel and emotion that strongly.

Etsy: Instagram

Etsy Instagram

I like including Instagram in these reviews. It’s just such a visual place…obviously. But it’s different in the fact that you don’t have featured images so the focus is on changing images in the feed.

As you would expect, Etsy has some really cool images and photos on their Instagram feed.

They really focus on the details it seems and they showcase the wonderful things that the artists and creators are putting on the site. Obviously Etsy is going to pick some of the unique and interesting things for a feed like Instagram, but it’s still cool that they feature the creators on the site.

And they don’t just throw up any image for their feed. It seems like they put some thought into how interesting the image or photo should be and that makes for a feed that people want to subscribe to.

Etsy: YouTube

Etsy YouTube

I wanted to include YouTube in the Etsy discussion because there are two unique things going on here.

First, the image at the top is different. It’s more of a general image, which is totally fine. I actually like images like this because they can work all year and still help show the style of the brand.

Second, I just wanted you to notice the current feature video, which is a gift buying guide. You’ll see the image that we’ve seen in a couple different places and it’s also cool that Etsy creates this video. It’s top-of-funnel content meant to attract new visitors to the site.

Etsy: Pinterest

Etsy Pinterest

We’ll finish off with Etsy on Pinterest.

Like Instagram, Pinterest doesn’t have a featured image area or anything like that, but it puts the focus solely on the images and photos that Etsy collects and publishes on their Pinterest boards.

From a quick glance you can see that there are some really cool things. They come from the Etsy site so it’s another way to see some of the cool products on the site. And I know that people really love Pinterest so it’s a great way for them to discover the items they might like to purchase on the site.

Final Thought

As expected, Etsy does a really great job with their social media images. They seem to have a good feel for their style and that comes across in all the images they share and publish on social media. There is nothing that would confuse Etsy fans and everything that would engage those fans.