Be More Personal To Succeed On Facebook

August 29, 2017 Online Marketing

There was a survey a few years ago that asked the question:

Why do you use Facebook?

Three of the top five answers involved friendship.

  • To see what my friends are up to
  • To look at my friends’ pictures
  • To send individual messages to my friends

Friendship has always been the core of Facebook.

An original mission for the social networking site was to make the world more open and connected. That was changed to bringing the world closer together.

It doesn’t specifically mention friendship, but that’s how people have always used the site and it seems that’s how they’ll continue to use it.

Facebook even recognizes this and puts businesses at a disadvantage.

Businesses On Facebook

When I was in college I remember a kid using his college email address to setup a profile for the bar where he worked. That was my first exposure to the idea of using Facebook to connect a business with customers.

And it kind of worked.

The trick, though, was that the kid connected with his friends. He didn’t really treat the effort as a business/customer relationship. He treated it as a friend/friends relationship.

And that’s an important lesson even today.

Here are some tips for using your business page on Facebook to make more friend-like connections, which will lead to more engagement and probably more followers.

Tip #1. Focus On Personal Life Things

What things do your friends share on Facebook?

The things that really get comments, likes and all that engagement stuff…

Usually it’s personal life events:

  • Kids
  • Engagements
  • Weddings
  • Food
  • Drinks
  • Holidays
  • Nostalgia

It’s nothing too crazy. Just the usual everyday stuff. The personal side of life. Not all the boring work stuff.

If you’re a business and all you’re sharing are stuff relating to business and work you’ll struggle to get engagement. People seem to go on Facebook to get away from all that stuff. They like the lighter side of life on Facebook.

You can still mix in business stuff, but you’ll get more engagement with the lighter content.

Tip #2. Ask Questions

The other week my wife asked this question on her Facebook wall:

I need some suggestions for a new show to watch on Netflix…

Talk about engagement. It seemed like everybody jumped in to offer a suggestion or five.

Businesses can do the same type of thing.

Asking a question would be the first thing to do. Asking a question about something that people love or are obsessed with in their personal lives is another key element.

It might not really have anything to do with your business, but that’s okay.

There’s no reason a dentist’s office couldn’t ask people what their current favorite songs are. The business could even take the suggestions and make a playlist for the office.

Tip #3. Get Silly

There are lots of silly things on Facebook.

Silly stories of something the kids did.

Silly GIFs that make people laugh like crazy.

Sometimes businesses are afraid to get a little silly. I get it. It’s a professional brand and all that.

But people want to connect with people on Facebook. Not brands. People are silly. People like silly.

Get silly on Facebook with your brand page.

Tip #4. Visuals, Lots Of Them

We’re talking all kinds of things:

  • Pics
  • Vids
  • Memes
  • Snaps
  • Instagrams
  • GIFs

All of it.

And if you really want to take this whole concept to the next level share visuals that include your followers.

People on Facebook share photos of themselves with their friends all the time. And those pics usually are some of the most engaged on the timeline. That’s because people like seeing themselves. They like knowing that they’re important. They like others thinking they’re popular.

And all that stuff.

Tip #5. Individual Treatment

The final tip is to focus on the individuals even if you have a huge following.

People love feeling important on social media.

Think about how you would feel if your favorite actor responded to you on Facebook. You would be a fan for life. You’d tell others about the interaction. You’d never forget it.

And other fans like you would see that and engage more in an effort to get the actor to engage with them.

Respond to comments once in awhile. Directly with your followers. Send them a direct message once in awhile when possible. Maybe an email.


Facebook is all about the personal side of life. Maybe a little business, but mostly personal. Probably 90/10 or 95/5.

If you’re struggling to get engagement on Facebook for your brand page it just takes a little more personal treatment. That’s what people want. That’s what Facebook emphasizes.

The rest is up to you.