Buffer Believes In Culture & More With Their Social Media Images

February 9, 2016 Social Media Images Analysis

Buffer is one of my favorite business tools.

Every week on Wednesday I sit down and get my social media posts ready for the following week. I schedule about five or so each day. I like to schedule these posts and then mix in other sharing activity throughout the week.

Doing it this way allows me to make sure that my accounts are staying active even if I get lazy and avoid updating throughout the week. But it also still allows me to respond and share other things as I like during the week.

That scheduling wouldn’t be possible across platforms if it wasn’t for Buffer. I’m sure there are other tools that do the same, but what I like about Buffer is that this is really all the platform is for and that means it’s simple.

Now, because Buffer is pretty much all about social media you would think that they see the importance of social media images. And after a look it is obvious that they do and today we’re going to dig a little deeper into their social media image strategy.

Twitter: The Team’s All Here

Buffer Twitter

On their Twitter page you’ll see that Buffer has their logo for the profile image. They have the simple little buffer diamond stack without the Buffer name. When you don’t need to spell out your company name and just use the symbol you know you’re pretty well known in your world.

Then you have the main image on Twitter, which looks like a picture of their team. Buffer writes about culture on their blog a little bit and it’s obvious in a few places on social and on their website that culture is important to them.

So it makes sense to have a few feature images like this one that shows off the team.

Facebook: The People That Make Buffer

Buffer Facebook

Once again on Facebook we have an image of the Buffer team. If you’re looking at these images and social profiles like I am then you’re starting to get a feel for who Buffer is and what they care about.

This is a different image of the Buffer team and you’re starting to get the feeling that they really value team and teamwork and culture. They seem to do quite a few things as a team and it shows the faces behind the brand, which I think is important for businesses.

Yes, people do business with a brand, but they ultimately do business with the people behind the brand.

YouTube: A Little More Vague

Buffer YouTube

Now we get to YouTube. Buffer definitely invests in their YouTube channel. They have all kinds of videos, playlists and all kinds of stuff. They clearly see the value in creating their own content whether it’s their blogs, videos or social content.

They have the basic profile image with their logo. Again, they don’t need to write out their name. Their symbol is pretty recognizable especially with their users.

The feature image on this one is a little more vague. You’re not really sure what it is and I think that’s okay. It gets away from the theme of their team, but that’s just fine too. This image just kind of sets a mood for their YouTube page.

Google+: The Team Is Back

Buffer Google

Now we’re getting back to an image we’ve seen before. This is the Twitter image. And we’ve talked before in the social media images analysis series that it’s okay to reuse images. You’ll find that people will kind of have one channel that they use more than others so you can use an image like this on Google+ and Twitter and same people probably won’t see it on both. And if they do that’s really okay too.

But again, the point of the image is to show the team behind Buffer. You get to know them a little bit and I’m sure the people in the image feel pride that they’re part of the Buffer team.

LinkedIn: Something Different With Text Overlay

Buffer LinkedIn

This is probably my favorite image (LinkedIn) that Buffer has on their social media profiles. I’m a sucker for images like this where it’s a pattern background with some text in the foreground.

This time you do have the logo with the brand name, Buffer, spelled out. So that’s a little different, but I also like the little sub-heading underneath. It kind of tells you what the product does for you and that’s important.

When new people see a social profile for the first time they’re going to be curious about what you do and perhaps what you can do for them. That’s why I like images like this one where it says who you are and what you do with a pattern and text. If you can do it without text and just with an image that’s pretty good. It’s not easy to do that so text overlays work well.

Final Thoughts

Buffer does a lot of cool things with social media. And it’s really no surprise to see what they’re doing with their social profile images. They invest heavily in helping people with social media. They also have their own image creator, Pablo. They see the value that good images can have on social. And they use their own product. They have been investing in blogging for a long time and use images on every post. I like a company that practices what they preach and Buffer certainly does that with social media profile images and with other images they use throughout their online properties.