Edgar Keeps It Simple With Social Media Images

I first came across Edgar in one of our first posts. I was just starting to look at Edgar back then. I had been hearing good things. I still haven’t made the plunge to become a subscriber, but I’m starting to think that it’s time.

Edgar is a social media tool that will automatically schedule social media posts for you. It seems that you create a library of content to share on social media. You can add and remove when you have time and all the while Edgar goes to work to schedule posts for your various social media profiles.

That’s pretty cool. I use Buffer and love it, but the one thing that it doesn’t do right now is automatically take content from a library and schedule it for me. That seems to be where Edgar is different. I can see a need for both. I can see how Edgar would save time and you can still control the content.

So that’s a little background on the company. I thought we could check out what they’re doing with their social media images.

Facebook: Header Text & Computer Image

Edgar Facebook

Edgar’s Facebook page has a pretty cool feature image. I like that they have header text. It kind of has “Meet” a little smaller than “Edgar”. After looking at this image and then digging into their site a little bit it becomes apparent that you’re supposed to think of the software as Edgar. He’s kind of your robot friend that helps you schedule social media content.

So that’s a pretty unique way to look at software. We are kind of moving into a world where software, robots and whatever can really act like humans or companions. It’s kind of weird, but kind of cool.

Anyway, the image is basic, but it stands out. I like the computer with the Edgar homepage or login page on the screen. Sometimes that’s all you need with a social media image to get the message across of who you are and what you provide.

Twitter: Basic Split Image

Edgar Twitter

The Twitter page has the same image as Facebook except the Meet Edgar text is missing. I’m not sure why that wasn’t included in this image, but it’s okay. And I’m not sure why it happens on Twitter and on a few other channels, but the image here looks like it’s cut off a little bit. I’ve seen that on many other feature or header images on Twitter. It’s weird.

If you look at the feature image you can read the text on the computer screen. It again has the text that “everybody wants to meet Edgar”. That’s getting more into the fact that you’re supposed to think of Edgar, the software, as a companion, friend, co-worker.

The logo, which is used across all channels and on the site and in other places is like a little octopus. I think that’s what it is. That’s kind of the fun branding that Edgar has. I like it. Your logo can be fun as long as it fits your culture. This one is recognizable and they don’t need to write Edgar under it on all the social channels even though they’re a pretty new company.

LinkedIn: The Basics

Edgar LinkedIn

We’ll leave off on the LinkedIn page. It’s just the basic page without the feature image. You do get the opportunity on LinkedIn and on the other social channels to create a header image. You can leave it out. That keeps things simple. You can show a photo of your team, but you can also take the opportunity to add some text.

LinkedIn can be tricky. Some businesses use it to show who they are to potential employees. You could use the feature image here to kind of describe your culture and the people at the company. But others might use LinkedIn more for sales and if that’s the case you would want to maybe use some text to communicate the biggest need your target customers have that you can solve.

For Edgar, that would be something like – Let Edgar schedule social media posts for you or something like that.


Edgar is a new company so they’re kind of limiting where they are using social media. And I think that’s smart. It’s hard work to maintain all the social channels even if you’re a larger brand.  They have some basic images on their social channels right now, but they still work. They kind of show off the personality of the brand a bit. And maybe they’re working on some new images as I’m writing this.

Either way, this is an exciting new social media tool and one that I might need to purchase and try out. It seems like it could save me time while also helping me share more content on social media.