FreshBooks Is Fresh & Clear With Social Media Images

January 12, 2016 Social Media Images Analysis

Full disclosure: I’m a FreshBooks user, customer or whatever you want to call it. I like the software. I use it for various accounting tasks and it’s great.

But that’s the extent of the relationship.

Even so, they came to mind when I sat down to write the Social Media Image Analysis this week. The company just updated their mobile app and it seems like they really take care with the design in all areas.

The software interface is well-designed. It’s functional and pleasant to the eye. And that seems to carryover into other areas including social media.

Let’s take a closer look.

1. Twitter: Use FreshBooks Anywhere

FreshBooks Twitter

That’s a nice feature image there on the Twitter page for FreshBooks.

It’s a little like a stock image, but I think that’s fine. The message with the image seems to be that you can really use FreshBooks anywhere. This looks like a pretty casual business setting or maybe even a setting at home.

And that’s kind of the target audience for FreshBooks although I’m sure larger enterprises can use the software. But as a small business owner, a remote business owner and a business owner that works at home this message speaks to me.

And when you make that connection and send that message with an image on social media you’re accomplishing what you want.

And then you have their leaf logo in the profile image there. They use that in a few places and their full logo as well as you’ll see below.

2. LinkedIn: A Clear Message

FreshBooks LinkedIn

I really like a business that can describe what they do in just a few words. It’s amazing how many websites you go to that leave you scratching your head as to what they actually do. You’ll often find a lot of empty words as businesses try to make themselves sound good.

But FreshBooks does it well on their LinkedIn image.

Cloud Accounting. That’s pretty straightforward and so is the next line where they throw in the note on 5 million users and running a business.

I like using text on images and it works really well in the example above.

3. Google+: Full Logo & Nice Background Image

FreshBooks Google Plus

Again you’ll find the nice heading and tagline over the image on Google+. That was found on the last one on the LInkedIn page. So all is good there.

This background image is a little different, though, and I think it is different in a good way.

This background image is just a variation of blues. It sets the right tone and still gets the branding message across without the need for a stock photos or anything like that. Sometimes a simple graphic can tell the entire story.

And up at the left you’ll see that FreshBooks uses the full logo this time instead of just the leaf. I don’t know if there’s a best practice for using the full logo or a part of a logo on social media. We see variations and they all seem to work just fine. As long as new people recognize who you are you’re in good shape.

4. Facebook: Family Image, and that’s okay

FreshBooks Facebook

You’ll recognize this image from the Twitter segment above. It’s the same here on Facebook. Except that FreshBooks does throw in their full logo on this one.

Is it a big deal that the image is the same as Twitter?

Not really. I think I’ve talked about how it can be good to change it up in the past, but when you can do really well with an image then it can work on multiple channels.

One reason would be that people seem to have a channel that they prefer. Some use Twitter overall others. Some use only Facebook. So they won’t see the various profiles anyway.

Maybe it would be good to have different images if you had different content sharing strategies on the channels, but in any regard it’s probably not a huge need to use different images.

5. Just A Quick Note On Pinterest

FreshBooks Pinterest

I thought it was cool that FreshBooks promoted their Pinterest page on their website. It’s right there next to all the other social media logos on their homepage in the footer.

Pinterest isn’t one you see promoted and used all the time by B2Bs. But it has proven to be a great channel for sharing and curating content. You can see that FreshBooks has a pretty visually appealing collection of boards.

And they also use the word “Fresh” in most of them. That’s a neat little strategy. I like the Fresh Workplaces collection.

FreshBooks is doing some cool things with their social media images. One thing to note is how much they’re using their social channels. They’re sharing all kinds of content and keeping the channels very updated and you can see that they get good engagement in return. They’re a company to emulate if you’re looking to get into social media yourself.