How To Avoid Exaggerating On Social Media

January 15, 2019 Social Media News

Fancy cars.

Beautiful backdrops.

Amazingly dressed friends sitting at a five star dinner.

Social media is full of amazing situations. And many of them are real.

But many of them are a little exaggerated…

And that can be an issue. If you’re projecting a certain image on social media it can build pressure. Pressure to be someone you’re not. Pressure to spend money you don’t have. Pressure to do things you don’t want to do.

It’s not necessarily only about money either. You may have the means to buy a fancy car, but if it’s only to impress people on social media it can lead to a big let down.

Because the big secret in life is that people don’t really care about you. Sure, they care that you’re doing okay. They think about you sometimes.

But they’re busy living their own lives.

If you’re struggling with how you project your life on social media, here are a few tips.

1. The Struggle Is Often More Interesting

Look at most people that are successful at something and you’ll see a 10-year overnight success. Often it’s more than 10 years. We just don’t see the 10+ years of struggle.

I read a lot of biographies of entrepreneurs. My interest kind of eases in through the early part of their lives. Their family backgrounds.

But then I start getting really interested as they are growing up and what they start doing for work.

Then after they reach a certain level of success my interest fades again.

Think about your favorite movie. It probably starts with a bang. Something flashy. You’re kind of into it. Then there is a struggle for a good part of the middle. Then it resolves and you feel good.

The struggle. The middle. That is the most interesting part of any good story.

Think of a band that is just starting out. Maybe they’ve been together a year. You are a fan. You go to their shows where you’re one of 10 people in the crowd. Now a couple years go by and hundreds of people are there and they’re getting big time play on Spotify. You can say that you were there from the beginning.

People are attracted to the ups and downs of life and it’s all appealing content on social media.

2. Show A Mix

The flashy, which may certainly be real. And people do like flashy. They like looking at nice things.

But offsetting it with things that aren’t flashy and that are more real can provide a nice juxtaposition.

Maybe you’re a business owner. One day you’re visiting a client and you’re at a nice restaurant. The next you’re in the biggest dive with grime all over the floor.

It’s all interesting.

3. Ease Back Into Real Life

Maybe you’ve built a following that you’re proud of. You’re worried that if you change everything to the real you that you’ll lose those followers.

Ease back into it. Start showing some of the struggle. Just a little taste here and there. It’ll probably stand out and get some real engagement.

Then over time just work in more and more. Eventually you’ll just be documenting your life and not trying to gloss it up. It’ll be comfortable.

Final Thought

The big question is whether you’re being yourself on social media or not. It’s okay to make things look good. But don’t be afraid to show the struggles. Document what you’re doing and post things from every aspect of your life. You may be surprised at what gets the most engagement.