How To Guest On The Top Social Media Accounts

January 8, 2019 Social Media News

I’ve mentioned guesting before.

Normally we think about guest posting. Or guesting on a podcast.

But you can also do it on social media accounts. But I realize I haven’t mentioned exactly how to do that with social accounts.

So here are a few ideas…

#1. Q&A

This one is when you takeover the social channel for the owner to provide a Q&A session with their followers.

Don’t focus on promoting yourself or selling. Obviously you’ll want to introduce yourself and state your credentials, but then start taking questions from the followers of the account.

And provide the answers. Just focus on that kind of value.

You don’t have to do this just once. You can start that way, but focus on doing it regularly. Over time, you’ll grow your own profile as you tap into their audience and provide them with value that they will appreciate.

#2. Live Updating An Event

I see this in the sports world sometimes. A reporter will often provide updates from their own account, but other times they’ll takeover the account of another person or brand. Maybe a radio station or TV station or something like that.

What are the events in your industry? Conferences? Charity baseball games? There are typically all kinds of things.

Offer to offer live updates for the event from the account, but let the followers know that you’re the one doing it.

The owner of the account will appreciate the free content they get for their followers and you can raise awareness for yourself.

#3. Content Collaboration

Some social sites offer longform content options. LinkedIn is one of the best examples, but Instagram could also be another good example.

In these instances you can co-create content with the account owner. It could be an article that you create together for LinkedIn. Or you could perform research or a study and publish it on LinkedIn.

And for Instagram, it could be some kind of photography collaboration that you share on each other’s social accounts.

When you create it together you take advantage of each other’s followers so you’re not just creating something on your own and sharing it with your own followers.

#4. Curating

Offer to curate content for the owner of the account. You could do it on the same day each week. Maybe name it something like, Dave’s Friday Articles or something like that.

Jump in and share your favorite pieces of content with the followers. It’s provides value for the followers, for the profile owner and for you as you raise your own awareness.

#5. Interview

One final tip is to have the account owner interview you right on social media. You could do it live on the social app where they ask you on the app and you respond from your account.

Or you could record it and publish it on the app.

Or you could transcribe it right on the app.


Guesting on social media is often overlooked. Maybe that’s because it’s not so common that everybody knows what it is. But it does exist. The ways above are already being done. They work well. Just find the right account and offer up your services. Keep going until you find someone willing to allow you to guest. It’ll be worth it.