Social Media Images Analysis: is a pretty popular company.

Professionals and especially business professionals use the email plugin to help them with a variety of tasks.

It seems that the most popular functionality of is the ability to schedule emails as well as other items like tasks and reminders. You can also track how your recipients interact with your email. For example, you can see if someone has opened your email and you can respond accordingly.

Check them out and see if they can help you.

Today, though, I’m going to look at how is using social media images.

1. Twitter: Depth, Text


Simple, but great headline.

This is a great Twitter image. You have a nice background image. The background image doesn’t take over the entire page. You’re not distracted by it. But when you look at it, it makes sense in the context of what does. It looks like you could be sitting at your computer working on email.

I love the screenshots of their app at work. And the best part, I think, is that they showcase the app on a mobile device. It sure seems like people check their email more often on mobile devices today than they do on desktops. This image captures that tendency.

And you have the headline. That’s something that a lot of brands don’t do with their social media images, and I think that’s missing out. The headline, “Build Stronger Relationships” is simple, but it communicates exactly the benefit of using

2. Facebook: Consistency


Same as Twitter and that’s okay.

There is something to be said for brand consistency. And uses the same image from Twitter on their Facebook page. So obviously it has all the good attributes from the previous analysis.

I like consistency, but if you want to get creative you can have different social media images for your various accounts. Maybe you add a headline with another major benefit. Or maybe you add a customer review where they tell their story of how they were able to get value out of your product or service.

3. Google+: New Background, Cool Descriptions

Google Plus

Probably my favorite image of theirs.

Now things get pretty cool on Google+.

First, we get the hint of a new background pattern. I have a pattern in this style on my own Twitter page so I’m obviously biased and like what did with their image on this one. The background image shows a few icons like the popular email icons and a few others like the link icon, which could mean forming a relationship. It’s in the background. It doesn’t stand out or distract, but it adds depth and interest. It makes the page look professional.

Then we get into the really cool aspect of this social media image… They added an image of their app on a smartphone and added in little bubble descriptions of how the app works. And there are only three steps so it feels like it’s really easy to use, but also very valuable.

4. LinkedIn: Consistency


Consistency is okay.

The LinkedIn image is the same as the Twitter image and obviously the same as the Facebook image as well. Again, that’s okay. It’s consistent across the channels so people won’t get confused.

LinkedIn is an interesting case. You’ll get potential customers using LinkedIn to find you, but you’ll also be interacting with potential employees or partners.

So if you’re looking to change up the LinkedIn image for your company you could focus on the benefits for potential employees. Maybe show an award you’ve won as a great place for people to work or something like that.

5. YouTube: Simple Background


Just a simple background image.

The YouTube channel for has the same background as the Google+ page so you know I like it. But that’s where they leave it. That’s probably fine for YouTube. I’ve seen a lot of brands that have a simple background image like this. You do want the focus to be on the videos below, but you can still do some cool things with the image.

Some of the best I’ve seen are often in the music industry. Artists are the best at promoting their new music and changing up their images with new photos, album covers and calls to action to get people excited about buying the new music.

Final Thought

It also looks like has a channel on IFFFT, which is pretty cool. IFFFT is getting popular and I’m sure users will have a lot of use for the channel.

There is a lot to like about the social media images. They are better than most brands you’ll see out there. The company obviously puts an emphasis on having a good brand experience across all channels. They even have a great headline on a few of the images with Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. Even something as simple as that can go a long way.

What about you…what are your thoughts on the images social media images are using?