Social Media Images Analysis: GoDaddy Brings Unique Style To Social Media

September 15, 2015 Social Media Images Analysis

GoDaddy has become one of the more interesting Internet brands over the last decade.

I remember the first time I heard about GoDaddy…well, I think I remember.

It had to be about 10 or so years ago; maybe more.

There was a Super Bowl commercial with women in bikinis. I had no idea what the commercial was about. I don’t think many people did especially from watching those early commercials.

It took years to realize what GoDaddy actually provided as a service. And as I moved into my adult life I got into the Internet business and GoDaddy became a service I used and still use. They’ve gotten a bad reputation in the past, but they’ve improved quite a bit.

So today I thought it would be interesting to look at what they’re doing with their social media images.

Let’s check it out.

1. Facebook: One Important Selling Point

GoDaddy Facebook

What I like most about the GoDaddy Facebook cover image is that it has a really specific focus.

With social media marketing and with all marketing the message can get lost. There is a tendency to try to be everything for everyone out there. It’s easy to come up with a good marketing message and then think to yourself, “Well, this message is good, but it leaves out this group…”

So then the message gets watered down and comes out too vague.

GoDaddy created a great image that stands out and fits their branding.

And it’s focused. The message talks about how they’re available 24/7. That’s a big selling point. The tendency would be to mention all the services they offer, but they keep the focus on one key selling aspect.

2. Twitter: Big Time Color

GoDaddy Twitter

GoDaddy has a color scheme that really stands out. When you think Orange, Green and Black today you almost instantly think of GoDaddy. You might not be entirely sure what they do, but you’ll recognize the brand.

I heard recently that GoDaddy won’t be sponsoring the Danica Patrick car in NASCAR anymore and that’s too bad because that color scheme really stood out on the track.

And on Twitter you can see that their top image really stands out. And it again has a good focus. This time the focus is on thanking their customers…their 13 million customers.

That’s a good way to brag a little bit without seeming like you’re bragging.

3. Google+: Focus On Easy-To-Use

GoDaddy Google Plus

What we’re noticing again on Google+ with GoDaddy is that they keep things consistent as far as branding and color are concerned, but they’re changing up the message on each channel.

This keeps things consistent across the channels, but also gives each channel something unique.

And that’s a good strategy for social media and for social media images.

The focus for this channel is on how GoDaddy is easy to use. And as a user I have to say that this fact is really true. It might not always have been that way, but it GoDaddy is pretty easy to use these days whether you’re buying a domain or managing a website and its hosting.

4. YouTube: Same As Google+

GoDaddy YouTube

You can tell I do these reviews in order because as soon as I mentioned that GoDaddy has been doing something different they go ahead and have the same marketing message on YouTube that they have on Google+.

It’s the same message about it being hardly stressful at all to use GoDaddy. And it seems like they’re pretty active on YouTube, which makes sense. They’re always been a very visual company with their interesting ads.

5. Instagram: No Channel

GoDaddy Instagram

I wanted to discuss Instagram with GoDaddy for a second.

No, GoDaddy isn’t using Instagram right now. They have the channel saved, but they have zero posts.

I wanted to point out that even large brands like GoDaddy don’t always have the resources to invest in all the social channels. They’re focusing on just a few and going all in on those instead of spreading themselves too thin.

If you’re a small business it’s nearly impossible to keep up with multiple social channels. Not even GoDaddy can do it and they would seemingly be a great fit for Instagram, but they’re not investing in it right now.


This was an interesting one to look at. GoDaddy has such a recognizable brand and they make sure that comes across on their social channels. They use their funny guy logo for all the profile pics or avatars. That makes complete sense. And they do mix up the marketing messages somewhat while keeping the branding style consistent on each channel.

It’s a good example of how to use social media images whether you’re a large brand like GoDaddy or a small business.