Social Media Images Analysis: Kissmetrics Stands Out In A Competitive Industry

Kissmetrics provides web analytics and customer insight software.

Over the years my experience with the company has been reading their blog from time to time. I’ve been fortunate to have a guest post published on their blog (101 Ways To Source Content Ideas).

Kissmetrics has documented how they’ve been able to grow their business in part with their content strategy, which includes blogging, infographics, webinars and much more.

Their software seems to be popular as well. They obviously wouldn’t be in business if they didn’t have a good product.

Since they’re well-respected in the software industry and since they have invested in their content efforts I thought they would be the perfect case study for looking at social media images and how they use images to help their social strategy.

Let’s check it out.

Twitter: No Text With Logo, Great Text Overlay In Main Image

Kissmetrics Twitter

The first thing I notice about Kissmetrics on their Twitter account is their logo.

Unlike many businesses, Kissmetrics stands alone with the icon as their logo. I’m sure they’ve included their name under or next to the image in the past, but their brand is so strong now that they can use the standalone image for the logo and most will recognize it.

The second thing you’ll notice is the main image at the top. They have what seems to be a stock image as the background. It could be a real image from within their company. That means it’s a good stock photo.

You have two people seemingly working in an office setting looking intently at their computers. The idea is that they’re looking at their web analytics trying to figure out how to better market to their customers.

And I’m a fan of text overlay on images like this one. This one has “Built To Optimize Marketing”. Then it says what the customer can do with the software, “Track, analyze and optimize your digital marketing”.

Good stuff.

LinkedIn: Text Overlay With A Call To Action

Kissmetrics LinkedIn

Here is something a little different on a LinkedIn page. I really like it.

Again you have the text overlay on a stock image. You have that background image there that looks like a marketer looking at the computer trying to figure out the analytics. She appears to be smiling so that should be a good thing. Maybe she just got a great insight from Kissmetrics.

The unique thing here, and one you don’t always see on social media images, is the call to action.

“Start your free trial at” is the CTA and I think it’s a good one. Simple, but it tells people what to do. I think it works in this instance since someone that goes to this page on LinkedIn for Kissmetrics probably is curious about their software.

Facebook: Similar To Twitter And LinkedIn

Kissmetrics Facebook

On their Facebook page, Kissmetrics reuses the stock image from LinkedIn. That’s fine to do I would say. Nothing wrong with that. And they’re again using their tagline, which they use on Twitter and that they use in other places.

I think it makes sense to use that tagline on social channels like Twitter and Facebook. Those followers are probably more interested in the content like blog posts. They might not be ready for a call to action like they are likely to be on LinkedIn.

And again you have the simple logo without the Kissmetrics text in the logo although the name is right next to the logo, but that’s Facebook’s design.

Google+: Simple, No Text

Kissmetrics Google Plus

Now we get to Google+. Again you’ll recognize the stock image from a couple of the other channels. Nothing wrong with that.

You’ll see the standalone logo again. That’s a theme and consistent through all the channels.

The one thing missing on this image would be text like we’ve seen on the others.

It would be interesting to test different texts on these channels. It might be hard to track the results of perhaps promoting different pages, but these social channels do all have little subtle differences. The audiences are interested in similar things, but you could test different calls to action like the free trial, maybe promote an upcoming webinar or infographic, etc.

YouTube: New Twist On A Feature Image

Kissmetrics YouTube

Finally we have YouTube and Kissmetrics did something a little different.

This time the image has just a pattern or solid color for the main background instead of a stock photo. And over that you have some really good text:

Google Analytics tells you what’s happening.

Kissmetrics tells you who’s doing it.

I like that from a business standpoint. That’s obviously a big question potential customers would have about Kissmetrics. So they go ahead and answer that with this image and it’s in a place where people will likely see it.

Then they have the call to action for the free trial.

I like this image a lot. Sometimes all you need is an eye-catching pattern or solid color with text instead of a stock photo to have a really great social media image.


There is a lot to like about what Kissmetrics is doing with their social media images. My favorite is the last one on the YouTube page. It stands out the most with the solid background color and the text overlay. And the call to action is a good one.

But the other images are good as well. It stands out more than it would if there was no thought given to the images.

It’s important to have good social media images to stand out from the competition on social media and to get people interested in what you can offer them with services and products.