Social Media Images Analysis: TaylorMade Golf

February 17, 2015 Social Media Images Analysis

Today we’re going to start a new series here on the Orange Cat Social Blog. We’re going to look at an example of a brand that we think has done a great job with their social media images.

This is a type of blog post I’ve had success with in the past. It seems that looking at good examples can spark some inspiration when you’re looking at creating or recreating your own images for social media.

So the company we’re looking at today is TaylorMade.

I love golf. So as you could probably guess this was my pick. We’ll have a few of Sarah’s picks too in this series, but I got to kick things off and after looking around I thought TaylorMade was going some great things.

Here are a few of my thoughts…

1. Timeliness

In some businesses time is important. In the case of TaylorMade, one of the players they sponsor, Jason Day, won recently on the PGA Tour. This is a big deal. It’s a lot of exposure for the brand because Jason was on the TV coverage and on all the golf news publications this past week.

TaylorMade wisely changed out their social media images to show Jason. And I love the headline they used on a few of them: Made To Win. That associates winning with the brand, which is always a good thing.

TaylorMade Twitter

2. Consistency

Across all the TaylorMade social channels you’ll notice consistency. We have five examples here in this post. I think those are the only ones that TaylorMade is using, but you can tell that they appreciate consistency.

All of the images have Jason Day. I think the LinkedIn one is a little luck on TaylorMade’s part, but let’s touch on that image a second.

TaylorMade is actually made up of a few golf brands including Adidas. I like what they did with the LinkedIn image. That image is a little more corporate, but it still has a professional design and shows off the things the company provides. It’s instantly recognizable.

TaylorMade LinkedIn

3. Professional Images

You’ll notice that all of the TaylorMade images use professionally photographed and professionally edited photos. You might think that TaylorMade is just a large brand and they have to invest in that type of photography.

But professional photography is worth every penny when it comes to social media especially your featured images. You can do a lot with your smartphone these days and you might be able to take a great photo, but it makes a difference to have a professional take the photos. They know all the tricks for making you and your brand look good.

It also pays to have a professional edit the photos.

TaylorMade Facebook

4. Context

The context of all the images that TaylorMade is using is important. They all have Jason Day on them, which we already mentioned. TaylorMade has a number of golfers on their staff. Any one of them could win each week and I’m sure that when one does well that TaylorMade is ready to switch out the images.

But even more in line with context is how TaylorMade shows its logo and products. You can see in just about all the photos that you can see the club easily. You can see the names of the club on hats and shirts. You have to think about those things when shooting photography or when having your images created.

There is always opportunity to showcase your brand.

TaylorMade YouTube

5. Headlines And Calls To Action

TaylorMade had a great headline on a few of their social media images. “Made To Win” makes a person want to buy all the clubs that Jason Day used to win last week.

That’s kind of how the golf industry works. Amateurs watch golf on TV and they see a player win. The amateur wishes he could play like that and he knows he needs better equipment. Why not buy the clubs that are winning?

Obviously there is more to it than that, but it’s a powerful emotion.

With your social media images it’s important to use headlines to your advantage. They can enhance the message you want to communicate to your followers.

And in the right context it makes sense to add calls to action. It could be something like a “Get Yours Today” on the image that TaylorMade has or something like “Hit It Far Like Jason”.

Think about the calls to action followers would take from your brand. They would go to your website. They would check out a report you made for them. They would look for more great photos or whatever it is that you can give them that would help them with a problem or be interesting.

TaylorMade Google

Final Thought

This is a great example of professional social media images. You can see from TaylorMade’s channel that a little attention to the imagery on social media goes a long way.

So do great photos, headlines and context.