Spotify Keeps It Simple For Social Media Images

October 13, 2015 Social Media Images Analysis

Today we’re going to look at what Spotify is doing with their social media images.

Spotify is almost like a social media site or community itself.

You have people using the app to listen to their favorite music. So you have people coming to one place for something they love. And you can connect with others that share the same interests by listening to and sharing playlists.

You can convene around specific artists.

It’s kind of a neat deal. I’m a fan of Spotify. I use it all the time, every day. I love finding a new playlist and letting it play all day while working.

I’ve discovered quite a few new songs as well and in that way it’s kind of taken the place of radio at least for me, but I’m sure it’s done the same for many others.

But now we’re going to get into what we do here at Orange Cat Social and that is social media images. Let’s see what Spotify is doing with theirs.

Instagram: The Perfect Place For Music-Themed Images

Spotify Instagram

Instagram is one of only three social sites that Spotify promotes on its website. That’s usually an indication that the site is important to the brand.

And it makes sense in this case. Music and images have gone hand in hand for a long time. People still like looking at the promotional images for the music they listen to whether it’s a promo shot for piece of art for the music or the cover of an album.

Spotify seems to reuse some of the images from their app on Instagram. These images often feature artists that are on Spotify and it looks like they get quite a bit of interaction on the channel, which is one of the main reasons to use social media.

Twitter: Standard Logo + Commonly Used Featured Image

Spotify Twitter

Next up we have Twitter. It’s promoted on the main website along with Instagram and Facebook. What we find here is that the basic Spotify logo is used for the profile image.

That’s good and common. I like that they don’t need to say Spotify under it anywhere. People know and recognize it.

Then you have the cover image or featured image. It’s new here since we’re looking at this one first, but you’ll see it again in a few places.

It’s a pretty cool image. It shows the style that Spotify is going for and who they’re trying to reach with their service. I think it lets you know that this is the kind of culture you can expect and if you see yourself fitting in with that crowd then this is the place for you.

Facebook. Same Profile Image + Featured Image

Spotify Facebook

Here on Facebook you see pretty much the same thing you see on Twitter. Same profile image and same featured image. You see a little more in this aspect than you do on Twitter with the featured image. There is a little more to the vertical so that’s kind of neat and a key difference with some of these cover images.

Scrolling through the feed a little bit you’ll see some images of artists that are more than just your standard promo shots. Spotify seems to add their own style to the images and that’s important.

YouTube: See Above

Spotify YouTube

Not much to talk about with YouTube. The image is cropped more than Twitter and Facebook. The different sizing is important because it gives you an opportunity to mix up the images if you want to take advantage.

Pinterest: Different Logo

Spotify Pinterest

Now I’m not sure how often Spotify uses their Pinterest account, but I wanted to share it for one quick reason.

They’re using a different logo here. I don’t know if they’ve used this one in the past, but I don’t think I’ve seen it.

It’s just a reverse of the common logo, but it’s kind of cool and it stands out. You still recognize it as Spotify, but it makes you stop and pay attention.

Blog: No Images

Spotify Blog

There are no images on the main blog page.

And that’s fine. There are lots of blogs that don’t use feature images and things like that. I actually like keeping it simple.

But I also like blogs that use images and even covered images sometimes. And I think for a brand like Spotify it would make sense because they have a unique and cool style and I think fans would be more welcomed on the blog if they used some imagery.


So there you have the Spotify social media image strategy. I would say that it’s pretty bare bones as far as using images, but they do have some really cool things going on especially with the images they share on Instagram and in other places. They do some unique things. Nothing crazy and spectacular, but cool things that fit in with their branding.