Stewart-Haas Is Professional & Fun With Social Media Images

Stewart-Haas Racing came to be in 2009. NASCAR drive, Tony Stewart, joined forces with entrepreneur Gene Haas to form the team with Tony as the main driver.

Today, the team has a full stable of four drivers including 2014 champion, Kevin Harvick, 2004 champion, Kurt Busch, and one of the most popular drivers in the sport, Danica Patrick.

Stewart-Haas seems to have things figured out on the racetrack and in the last year I’ve been following NASCAR more on social media and I’ve noticed that Stewart-Haas is doing some good things. Tony Stewart is retiring soon and they’ve been putting out some funny videos on the Mobile 1 YouTube page that kind of poke fun at what Tony will be doing next.

So today i thought it would be good to check out what they’re doing for our series on social media images.

Facebook: It’s All About The Drivers

Stewart-Haas Facebook

We’ll start with their Facebook page. The profile image is one you’ll see in most locations. I like that consistency when it comes to the profile image. You don’t want to throw people off with different types of logos and things like that. The only thing is that the logo itself is kind of hard to read, but I like it. There’s a unique style.

The main image or featured image carries across that same style. You have the blacktop of the asphalt just like in the profile image. And this sport is all about the drivers and the superstars. And most are known by their numbers as much or even more than their names.

So Stewart-Haas does a perfect job with this image to show all the numbers of their drivers. They’re in chronological order so I don’t think there can be any issue amongst the drivers with who goes first.

But maybe they could change the image based on where the four drivers rank in the current standings? Just a fun thought…

Google+: You Know You’re On The SHR Page

Stewart-Haas Google Plus

Similar thing here on Google+. It’s good to carry the same theme across channels. It creates cohesion. This one is likely the same image as Facebook for the featured image, but a bit more zoomed in. You can really see the details in the logo here and it is a good logo. Then you have the same numbers as on Facebook in their correct style just as you’d see them on the car.

Nothing too flashy or fancy with these images, but that’s okay. You land on these pages and you instantly know that you’re on the right brand’s page and that’s all because of the right use of images.

Instagram: Professionalism

Stewart-Haas Instagram

What I like most about how SHR is using Instagram and their other channels is that the images are all professional. They have a professional feel to them. They look like much more than just the typical iPhone photo that quickly gets posted on the app.

Lots of the images on this account have graphics added. The photos are all recent and fresh. They make the drivers look good and thus it makes the brand look good.

A little effort with your photos can make your brand really stand out because not everyone will take the extra time to add the right touches like SHR is doing.

Pinterest: Perfectly Organized

Stewart-Haas Pinterest

The images on their Pinterest account are great, but what I want to mention here is that the company has perfectly organized their content on Pinterest. Each of the drivers has his or her own board. They also have boards for the crew members, fans, company news and a shopping guide and much more. This is how you organize a Pinterest account.

It’s probably easy for a NASCAR team to do this since drivers are obvious categories for boards. But when you’re working on a Pinterest strategy for your company it’s important to consider categories or boards. It leads to better organization and a better experience for followers.

And again, you notice that all these images seem professional. It lifts the reputation of the brand up much more than if they would just use basic iPhone photos.

Twitter: Consistency

Stewart-Haas Twitter

Finally we have the Twitter account where you’ll see the same profile image and featured image. Again, I think it’s important to have consistency with your social media images especially with the profile image. I still come back to that logo, though, and thinking about it now I seem to remember that sometimes brands will create a second version of their logo for social media.

It can be tricky to fit a logo into a square, but that’s what most social profiles require. Maybe SHR could do something with a shorter version of their name…like just using SHR. They could still have the asphalt background with SHR in a smaller version of that blue triangle.

But again, that’s just a thought and I think they’re doing a great job with their images.


So there is another good example of how a brand is using social media images. They obviously care about the professionalism they want to show with their brand. The images they use across the channels are done by designers. It stands out from all the “regular” images that you see on social media and that’s big. With a little extra effort you can really stand out as a brand on social media.

I like what they’re doing and if you’re looking for an example to follow this would be a good one.