Wistia Shows The People Behind The Brand On Social Media

December 15, 2015 Social Media Images Analysis

There’s no doubt that video has become a major part of people’s lives.

By one estimate, video will account for 80% of all Internet traffic by 2019.

That’s incredible, but entirely believable.

You probably watch video more than ever on your various screens including your phone, tablet, TV and whatever else you watch video with these days.

And that’s where our focus comes in today.

We’re looking at social media images and how brands are using them for their social media strategy and we’re looking at Wistia.

Wistia is video hosting for business. Their main focus is on businesses and specifically helping those businesses succeed with video for marketing purposes.

It’s something businesses demand. Businesses see that people are engaging with video and if those businesses want to engage with target audiences they need to create video, they need to know how to create video and how to market it.

That’s where Wistia comes in.

So that’s Wistia. You can look a little deeper on their site for more info, but we’re going to get into how they’re using social media images on a few of their social channels.

1. LinkedIn: A Heart Shape

Wistia LinkedIn

I wanted to start with LinkedIn because I think it’s an important channel for B2Bs, which Wistia is. LinkedIn is the social network where professionals spend a lot of time when they’re in the business mindset.

It’s a channel where businesses that sell to other businesses or to professionals can make connections, form relationships and earn business.

Wistia has an interesting image of a heart or fractured heart on their LinkedIn page. I’m not sure I totally understand what it’s all about, but it does have a certain feel. It makes you feel good and if that’s the goal – to have a good feeling when you think of Wistia – I think it’s a good image.

2. Facebook: Seasonal Image

Wistia Facebook

The image on Wistia’s Facebook page isn’t the prettiest, but it sure gives you a warm feeling. You have the image of a burning fire. Heck, there are people bringing up the video of fire in a fireplace on Netflix all the time these days.

It’s soothing and makes you feel good during the holidays. I think it’s great when a company makes followers on social media get a good, warm feeling.

That’s kind of what this image does. It works to show that the company cares about things like the holidays and that it’s not about promotions or sales or whatever. It’s about people.

3. Twitter: The Team

Wistia Twitter

On Twitter, the big background image is a huge one of the Wistia Team…or that’s what it looks like.

This is perhaps my favorite image of them all on the social pages that Wisita has.

The reason I like it so much is that Wistia goes beyond the B2B and focuses on the P2P or People-to-People. Yes, their target customer is a business, but they know that they deal with people at businesses.

And in business deals, people like to know who they’ll be working with. That’s why the About pages on B2B websites are usually some of the most trafficked. Visitors want to know about you, the real you, before they engage further with your business.

Wistia does that well with this one image on their Twitter page.

4. Google+

Wistia Google Plus

I also really like the image on the Google+ page. It’s another image of what seems to be the real people behind Wistia. It kind of looks like a stock photo, but there is a guy with the Wistia logo on his shirt so it seems legit.

And it’s okay that it looks a little like a stock photo. It looks professional and again gives people a sense of who they would be working with if they choose to go with Wistia for business video hosting services.

And you can also get a feel for the environment that Wistia works in. You can see their office, their style and those things are what potential clients latch onto when making decisions.

5. Instagram

Wisita Instagram

As you would image, Wistia makes videos all the time.

What they do with their Instagram channel is interesting. They show some behind the scenes images from their videos. They do other things as well, but an overarching theme is that they show the people behind the brand.

That’s kind of been the focus of this entire analysis.

When you look through their feed you get a real good feel for who this company is. Yes, you can read what they do or watch a video to learn about their product and service.

But you can really see who they are with these images on social media. It’s a cool strategy.


This was a cool analysis to do. I don’t know if I’ve mentioned it here on the blog before, but I have thought about it often. With my own business I like to think about how it’s possible to show the people behind the brand. The reason I do that, and I’m certainly not the first to recognize it, is because people do business with people. It’s not B2B in the real sense. There are people behind every business. And when I see a company like Wistia that gets it I feel good and image that they have great relationships with their clients and partners and I would think that leads to success.